Brookhurst experts help public agency staff and elected officials navigate the complexities inherent in preparing for and delivering major development projects – from reaching internal consensus on needs, evaluating and devising financing mechanisms, developing proposals, selecting a development team, and shepherding the project to successful conclusion, to addressing community concerns, generating positive media coverage and building public support.

We also provide Master Planning services, advising public agencies as to the creation of public-public ventures, joint powers authorities and the solicitation of proposals for public-private joint ventures wherein additional revenues from the private sector may be obtainable.

BDC Development provides a full range of development services to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, for any type of public facility.

With extensive experience successfully funding projects using tax-exempt, tax-advantaged and fully taxable debt and equity, BDC has the ability to structure funding for any public facility development in any manner necessary to provide flexibility in meeting the financial needs of the occupying agency. If needed, BDC has access to as much as $300 million in private equity for public projects.
Brookhurst Development Corporation is a Registered Municipal Advisor with the SEC as well as holding a Municipal Advisor designation with the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board. We are highly experienced in assisting public agencies in procurring the most advantageous funding for project acquisition and development, including the issuance of general obligations bonds, certificates of participation, bond anticipation notes, capital appreciation bonds, tax revenue anticipation notes, and lease revenue bonds.
The principals of BDC have counseled and assisted numerous public agencies with more than 45 project site acquisitions. Our team has an in-depth understanding of eminent domain and condemnation processes, and we are experienced in turning adverse taking of land into friendly acquisitions. Brookhurst is also a licensed real estate brokerage firm in California, and can assist with site location and purchase as well.
BDC provides Development Management with complete oversight, guaranteeing that projects are completed by scheduled completion dates and within budget. We also provide highly qualified Construction Management for all of our projects. And, BDC has experienced staff capable of providing Long Term Asset Management services on projects we develop.