BDC is known for our exceptional expertise with alternative, low-cost financing to meet the specific needs of public projects. With our experience and close ties to the public finance markets, BDC can procure both taxable and tax-exempt funding for development projects, depending upon the needs and funding requirements. This affords BDC the ability to fund projects at rates comparable to what public agencies can obtain.

Our depth of experience reaches far into the private sector as well, and we have the ability to bring as much as $300 million in private equity for public facility funding. BDC and its principals have closed over $2 billion in commercial real estate financings, acquisitions, development and the securitization of debt and equity for real estate construction, and other related transactions. Our affiliate, Brookhurst Capital Corp, was instrumental in numerous international investment banking transactions including the recapitalization of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a major Chinese-owned landmark in San Francisco, and has been directly involved in excess of $100 million in additional real estate investments.

In addition, BDC works with public agencies to generate private activity revenue through public-private joint ventures, joint powers authorities and co-investment.